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Anti-uv Fabric

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Textile  Sun Protection Fabric For Shirt

Model No. : UPF Fabric

Henan Textile UPF 50 Sun Protection Fabric For Shirt With the development of science and technology more and more countries have put forward higher requirements for the safety of workers The Cotton Fire Retardant Fabric produced by Xinke Protective...

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Cotton Anti Mosquito Fireproof Fabric For Mining Apparel

Model No. : Anti Mosquito Fabric

Cotton Anti Mosquito Fireproof Fabric For Mining Apparel Product Details Choose Xinke Protective Choose high quality and service Professional FR garment manufacture Exquisite workmanship High quality accessories Adapt to the customer and their needs...

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China Anti-uv Fabric Suppliers
The Anti-Uv Fabric is made of the common fabric after the latest UV-proof finishing. The shielding rate of the finished Anti-uv Fabric is ≥95%, which can effectively prevent the invasion and damage of the UV to the human body, and has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating and washing resistance. The anti-uv fabric is non-toxic, safe to the human body, non-irritating to the skin, no allergic reaction, and has good moisture permeability.
Today's society pays more and more attention to the health of workers. Whether it is anti-static fabric or Flame Retardant Fabric, worker safety has become the core concern of many bosses.